Grameen bank: A multinational corporation based on solidarity?

04. 04. 2010 | 16:16
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In the 16th chapter of David Korten´s famous book „When corporations rule the world“, the author claims the following: „According to the conventional economic thinking the (global) marketplace disciplines firms to maintain economical efficiency. In the global economy however, the largest corporations have learned how to manage competition to minimize it for themselves while maximizing it for others – using it as one more management tool to pass more on their own costs onto peoples and communities“. Korten states that contrarily to the neoliberal argument that global markets create better competition and higher efficiency, the reality which is happening around the globalising world is exactly the opposite one. Quantifying the market dominance of several oligopolies of big multinational corporations including General Motors, Wal Mart or Kraft Foods, the american economist argues that these evergrowing international businesses are rather systematically damaging and destroying the small and middle-sized national and local firms. As the corporations go on merging and fusioning in order to increase their efficiency and profitability, they are occupying still larger part of their respective markets. This process gives less and less space to the small businesses and therefore reduces the competition and concurrence. As a consequence of the imperative of the limitless growth, these multinationals are continuously downsizing their staffs, and concentrating power which leads to the growing centralization of benefits, and unemployment and empoverishment of the whole communities around the world´s peripheries.

Transposing these ideas into the Czech environment, we could certainly find several domains where similar parallels can be found in the nowadays crisis. But it is not the point I would like to make today. One month ago, I took part in a conference about social business where I heard a speech of the bangladeshi professor of economics and Nobel prize for peace winner Muhammad Yunus. He was talking about his view of doing business – „social business“ in his words – based on an idea of helping the poorest people around the world to escape from the vicious circle of poverty by lending them small sums of money. These so called „microcredits“ gained a spectacular success all around the world and Yunuses Grameen Bank, launched in Bangladesh in 1983, rapidly expanded and continuously mushroomed in other countries. Nowadays, Grameen Bank operates in more than 40 countries including USA and in 2006 its net income was more than 20 million dollars. For some, fabulous success on both economic and especially social level. More than 97% of Grameen bank´s borrowers are women and the system of lending money is conditioned not only by repaying the debts (financial return) but also by behaving according to the „16 decissions“ - such as a contition of sending children to school, drinking clean water or maintaining sanitary precautions etc. Thanks to this „educative“ dimension, thousands of families manage to improve their living standards and some even escape the poverty (social return).

On the other hand, looking at Yunus through Korten´s lenses, we could also develop several critical arguments. Yunuses Grameen bank is, in a way, accepting the neoliberal approach as it continuously becomes a multinational corporation itself. By investing in the world´s poorest populations through yielding loans, these are becoming indebted and dependent on the power cumulated by Grameen bank. We could also argue that in its market, Grameen bank often holds a monopoly or at least occupies a large part of the market which would, according to Korten´s arguments, drive off the concurrence and reduce the competitivity. Last but not least, as Grameen bank accepts the growth imperative, it should be obliged by the market pressures to increase the economic performance and its gains. Comparing to the usual banks´ interest rates, Grameen´s interest rate on its main credit product in 2006 was close to 20% and some of its „moral conditions“ could be easily interpreted as an imposition of a the market ideology. Muhamad Yunus continues in expanding and multiplying his businesses and since a few years he has been cooperating with several large multinational corporations such as Danone or Veolia.

But still, there are some facts about Grameen Bank that are not fitting well in Korten´s description of multinational corporation´s impacts. The first one concerns its relation to unemployment. Grameen Bank doesn´t seem to „colonize“ markets in the same way as General Motors. On the contrary it creates new markets, attracts new investments and helps the poorest to create their own small businesses, to learn the meaning of responsibility and saving money and to support the self-employment. Neither does Grameen Bank merge with other companies in order to become more profitable. Again, we observe something rather opposite. More and more banks are introducing „microcredits“ and more and more entreprises are getting interested not in buying, but in cooperating with Grameen Bank. Remains the last point mentioned by Korten´s description of multinational corporation – the concentration of power and capital in the hands of minority getting richer. If the Grameen bank´s websites don´t lie, we find a surprising answer, this time totally contradictory: 94% of the bank´s equity is owned by the borrowers themselves. Grameen banks is almost purely a cooperative bank. Only the remaining 6% are said to belong to the Government of Bangladesh. Does that mean that the founder of Grameen bank Muhammad Yunus doesn´t own any single percent of his own business? Are we still talking about the multinational corporation in a Korten´s sense? And if the answer is „no“, what kind of multinational corporation are we then talking about? Is the term ever appropriate for this kind of „business“? And considering the potential impact of Grameen bank´s inspiration for thousands of businessmen all around the world, is it appropriate to think that this kind of market-based solutions can contribute to more just, equal and wealthy world in the „non-profit“ sense of this word?

P.S. Aby řeč nestála, připojuji něco ze školních škamen a vyzývám své anglicky mluvící přátele k diskusi :)


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Chakras Described
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Front &amp; Center: Michelle, Julia, Sarah, and Susie ELLE
Front &amp; Center: Michelle, Julia, Sarah, and SusieSeptember 13 1:57 PMby Rebecca Willa Davis 0 Comments Caroline Sieber, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Leigh Lezark at Preen's SS12 show. Photo: Getty Images There were plenty of spring '12 pieces to lust after at Preen and Rebecca Minkoff yesterday—think pastel pixel dresses and ruffled blouses at the [url=]coach factory online[/url] former and leather harness vests and breezy printed pants at the latter. But for the stylish women sitting in the front row of these shows, what are they dying for right now? And is there anything they've had forever that they just can't bear to part with? Michelle Trachtenberg Fall must-have: I'm a big coats girl—I just got a beautiful blue coat from Rebecca Taylor, and I'll probably be getting a bunch [url=]Coach factory outlet[/url] more. Can't get rid of: Anything vintage from my mom's closet [url=]Coach factory outlet[/url] in the `70s. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Fall must-have: I'm sure there are a lot of things I'm dying to get...but it's too early in the morning to think right now! Can't get rid of: My classic Chanel bag, and [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] I think I'll keep it forever as well. Susie Bubble Fall must-have: I really, really, really want an Altuzarra parka, but it's never gonna happen [url=]Coach factory outlet[/url] because it costs, like, a bazillion pounds. Can't get rid of: I've had this Issey Miyake Pleats Please skirt forever. I dig it out all the time and it's one of those things that I wear all the time. Sarah Sophie Flicker Fall must-have: These glitter shoes [points to her gold Miu Miu pumps]. Anything sparkly! Otherwise, I'd love a big fake fur something or other with a belt. A fitted fake fur, I really want that. If you know where I can find that, tell me! Can't get rid of: So many things—I was wearing a [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] dress the other night [and] I've had it for, like, 18 years. I just don't get rid of anything, everything vintage I hold onto. My husband's ready to kill me—he has about an inch of space in our closest. Click here to see all the spring shows! Tags: michelle trachtenberg preen susie bubble fashion week Sarah Sophie Flicker julia restoin-roitfeld
27. 05. 2013 | 23:37

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Holiday Weekend Shopping Haunts ELLE
Holiday Weekend Shopping HauntsDecember 16 5:07 PMby Misty Sidell 0 Comments Creatures of Comfort's [url=]cheap karen millen outlet[/url] Holiday Room Retail's mad-dash is on, as the last weekend for holiday shopping is officially upon us.  With stores essentially throwing themselves at consumers in a fight for favoritism (helpful tip: everything at J.Crew's 30% off, both in-store and online!), sometimes it's nice to take the more relaxed route when it comes to shopping over these next few days.  With discerning though laissez-faire customers in mind we've compiled a brief list of hot-spots to hit up this weekend—each including a little bit of artsy flair for good measure. CONFETTISYSTEM's Holiday Room at Creatures of Comfort This Saturday, from 2PM to 6 PM, downtown streamer afficionados Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho of CONFETTISYSTEM will set up shop inside one of the Lower East Side's most fashion-forward haunts.  While in residence, the CONFETTISYSTEM team will hawk their collaboration with C.o.C. and host a gift wrapping seminar; the store's staff will be on-hand to take custom holiday portraits against the duo's shimmering installation. Creatures of [url=]Coach Outlet[/url] Comfort, 205 Mulberry Street, New York Mary Meyer's 4th-Annual Holiday Market Brooklyn designer, [url=]karen millen outlet online[/url] Mary [url=]karen millen online[/url] Meyer will host a slew of her outer-borough contemporaries at her annual yuletide shopping event.  Designers like Samantha Pleet, H. Fredriksson, and DLC [url=]Coach Outlet[/url] jewelry will be on-hand to join in the merry fun (free drinks included!) that'll run on Saturday in Bushwick from noon to 9PM. 56 Bogart Ave, Brooklyn NY Brooklyn Night Bazaar Tonight and tomorrow the well-loved Brooklyn Flea will step into the night with a stockpile of on-the-cusp vendors like Playbutton, Alyssa Ettinger, and Kill Devil Hill at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Williamsburg.  There's also a ticketed performance by [url=]Coach Outlet[/url] The Hold Steady and indie food trucks (Asia Dog, Macaron Parlour, ect...) abound. 149 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, New York (Enter between N.5th and N.6th Streets) Tags: DLC samantha pleet Creatures of Comfort Playbutton CONFETTISYSTEM H. Fredriksson macaron Mary Meyer Asia Dog
27. 05. 2013 | 23:38

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Hannah Marshall Has to Turn the xx Off When They Come Into [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] Her Studio, &amp; Other Post-Show Facts ELLE
Hannah Marshall Has to Turn the xx Off When They Come Into Her Studio, &amp; Other Post-Show FactsSeptember 20 10:32 AMby Sabrina Morrison 0 Comments Photo: Alberto Newton Hannah Marshall kicked off London Fashion Week with yet another stellar collection, and we caught up with the dark horse backstage post show. [url=][/url] We waited politely while super model Erin O'Connor (wearing a t-shirt that said "she died of perfection") explained to a concerned guest that the models who fell in an earlier show are fine — though the catwalk's now covered in lipstick marks.  Honey-skinned Amber Rose came to congratulate the designer, as did a petite Paloma Faith in a chain jangling headpiece, Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes and the usual editorial suspects save one from the International Herald Tribune that security wouldn't let into the packed show. Ouch. Marshall's collection [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] started with a film by uber photographer Rankin involving a gorgeous nude girl (surprise), sheer black fabric and a wind [url=]cheap coach outlet[/url] machine blowing what little transparent material there was upwards, catching on her breasts to make the models' nipples look like two smoking guns. Sure, there may be less black leather than in previous seasons, but we're glad to see Hannah hasn't lost her edge. Photo: Alberto Newton ELLE: This was a noticeable departure from the more masculine brows-and-shoulders you've become associated with, why is that? HM: I wanted to go in a direction that was strong and elegant but more feminine, not so aggressive. It's alot more stripped away, not so shiny and in your [url=]coach outlet factory online[/url] face. I used no leather this time, except for the ultrasuede. ELLE: The most obvious change is the arrival of color in your up til now deeply dark collections, what are the reasons for that? HM: It's spring so I'm trying to make a bit if an effort. I knew I wanted it be monochromatic but it's the little bits in between that make it a subtle transition. A lot of people were asking about color but I wanted to do it but I wanted to do it my way. I wanted to tell a story from beginning to end starting with a few black pieces, then to the chalky ones. ELLE: Your silhouettes are always a highlight in your work. Careful proportions and cut. What were you influenced by in this collection's design process? HM: American artist Ryan Detmar, who makes these incredible books that you can see through. They're all cut up and you can see all the layers. [url=][/url] ELLE: What music would I hear if I walked into your studio? HM: I always have the music on, I get kind of twitchy if I don't have music on. The xx, but I have to turn it off when they come in the studio or it's a bit stalker-y. Um, The Kills, Flying Lotus... ELLE: What's on your mind now that the show's done? HM: Looking forward to going out and celebrating going to our after party at Jalouse, it'll be my first proper after party. Just looking forward to getting out of the studio really! And of course the Paris shows. Tags: london fashion week The xx Hannah Marshall
28. 05. 2013 | 00:14

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Introducing&#x2026; ELLE
Introducing&#x2026;August 6 12:30 PMby ELLE 0 Comments Hello readers! I would like to introduce myself as both a new-ish member of the online staff as well as the latest Tell All blogger. As a longtime ELLE fan, I am positively ecstatic to be a part of the digital team and look forward to blogging regularly about a variety of subjects. As my first assignment for The ELLE Word last night, I attended the 6th Annual National Underwear Day party, officially proving that there is a national day for everything. While it might sound totally random, it did draw an interesting cast of characters like Tyson Beckford, Jaslene Gonzalez and Lydia Hearst, who was the host. Lydia Hearst last night at the 6th Annual Underwear Day Runway Show and Party I must admit, the real draw for me was the chance to speak with Lydia, who has piqued my interest since her cameo [url=]Coach factory outlet[/url] on my favorite show Gossip Girl (and, just in case you were wondering, I am 25 and feel that everyone is [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] allowed their guilty pleasures). When I did finally get the chance to chat with her about her involvement with the event, she looked dazzling in a silver sequin number. "It's all about getting more people to wear underwear," she said, which I felt was a very diplomatic statement since she was quite obviously referencing the practices of certain socialites and starlets who leave the house sans [url=]coach factory store online[/url] panties from time [url=]coach factory store online[/url] to time. Considering that all I really wanted to talk about was GG, I cut right to the chase and asked if we might see more of her character Amelia in future episodes. "I wouldn't say that Amelia is gone forever" says Lydia, who is currently in the process of negotiating with the network regarding future appearances, but nothing is scheduled at the moment. As for her other projects in the works, Lydia shed some light on a recent Lindsay [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] Lohan-esque moment she shared with Aubrey O'Day when the two were caught kissing by the paparazzi. "It was totally staged," she said, and went on to explain that the whole scene was for a current project that she is filming. [url=]Coach factory outlet[/url] Wow, a socialite that wears underwear and isn't touting lesbian practices for the sake of publicity? It seems that, at least for now, the media will have to look to other heiresses for stories of scandal. Tags:
28. 05. 2013 | 09:07

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If You Get Stuck Make a Pie and Other Rules for Writing Fiction ELLE
If You Get Stuck Make a Pie and Other Rules for Writing FictionFebruary 23 2:37 PMby Candice Rainey 0 Comments I'm a sucker for writer biographies, especially when the author's process is unspooled, laying bare their weird ticks and obsessive [url=]herve leger dress[/url] compulsive behaviors (Nabakov never used an eraser!?). I'm always writing under the assumption that there's some trick I'm not aware of, what Steven King calls a &quot;magic feather&quot; in On Writing [url=]herve leger bandage dresses[/url] (his memoir on the craft), that can rescue me when I'm [url=]herve leger sale[/url] inevitably staring at a blank computer screen and thinking to myself...crap. I've got nothing. When I came across The Guardian's ambitious survey, asking some of the world's most important literary giants working today to impart their ten rules [url=]herve leger outlet[/url] for penning fiction, I poured over the thing. The cruel joke is that most of the advice here (and in any book on writing ever published) is some iteration of this evergreen: Read a lot. Write a lot. Still, I found a few practical—albeit, somewhat depressing—tips I plan on trying to adopt next time I come to the page, including my favorite piece of advice  from Joyce Carol Oates (pictured above) who urges &quot;Keep a light, hopeful heart. But ­expect the worst.&quot; Below, a few other rules to live—and write—by. &quot;If you get stuck, get away from [url=]herve leger dresses[/url] your desk. Take a walk, take a bath, go to sleep, make a pie, [url=]cheap herve leger[/url] draw, listen to ­music, meditate, exercise; whatever you do, don't just stick there scowling at the problem. But don't make telephone calls or go to a party; if you do, other people's words will pour in where your lost words should be. Open a gap for them, create a space. Be patient.&quot;—Hillary Mantel &quot;Tell the truth through whichever veil comes to hand – but tell it. Resign yourself to the lifelong sadness that comes from never ­being satisfied.&quot;—Zadie Smith &quot;The nearest I have to a rule is a Post-it on the wall in front of my desk saying &quot;Faire et se taire&quot; (Flaubert), which I translate for myself as &quot;Shut up and get on with it.&quot;—Helen Simpson &quot;Take a pencil to write with on aeroplanes. Pens leak. But if the pencil breaks, you can't sharpen it on the plane, because you can't take knives with you. Therefore: take two pencils.&quot;—Margaret Atwood &quot;Write slowly and by hand only about subjects that interest you.&quot;—Annie Proulx (And if my handwriting is just too terrible to read, I'll try this...) &quot;Work on a computer that is disconnected from the ­internet.&quot;—Zadie Smith Photo: Marion Ettlinger Tags:
28. 05. 2013 | 09:30

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Jo Berlusconi last but not least consider to give that up Allegri, that will Allegri is definately not insufficient residence. Italia sky physical activities news reporter Manji Ante reported: "Rome are generally spending close up interest in order to reach Galliani along with Berlusconi. Rome generally holding out to be able to Alegre, [url=]cheap soccer jerseys[/url] even though it probably are not finalized in the near future, yet there're looking ahead to. Allegri often have still left Rome, and be able to to be able to. Rome possesses designed just about every efforts to be able to convince Alegre, along with offered a brand new three season contract to be able to your pet. Also, in accordance with the France mass media accounts, Venice Saint Germain possesses started along with Rome to the standing connected with Allegri, Leonardo has been along with Allegri make contact with, invited your pet to be able to change the in the near future to be able to keep Genuine Madrid's Ancelotti. The prominent qualified Dimma Zio reported that will no matter the result Thursday meeting, Allegri is going to be extremely quiet in the face of: keep, that ought to be, since in between your pet along with AIR CONDITIONING Milan have a very contract, as well as the contract ought to be safe, Allegri may also keep content. Yet if Berlusconi eventually decided to step, the Allegri willing to surrender to travel outdoor, perhaps a couple of weeks they do not treatment. On the whole, is going to be announced Thursday. [url=]cheap soccer jerseys online[/url] It doesn't matter what Berlusconi last but not least decided, it will have challenges, because "Milan physical activities newspaper" the endorsed website from the head line reported -- "Alegre and also Seedorf? Gambling will be. "Finally, say television system has also designed a crucial evaluation, its in between Seedorf along with Galliani. Because everybody knows, the summertime connected with 2012, Seedorf along with AIR CONDITIONING Milan to be able to contract, yet from the title connected with Galliani young Seedorf at a distance. Inside Italia, along with about AIR CONDITIONING Milan discipline Seedorf again with each other, along with Maldini to the team, along with Maldini along with Galliani in addition have negative relations
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Before the activity, "Milan athletics newspaper" explained HVAC Milan kept once Allegri may indication cerci, Erie CIC, Inler in addition to Aweilaerlai increased 4-3-3 lineup, there may end up being that obtain regarding Lazio Hernanes, [url=]cheap nfl jerseys free shipping[/url] nonetheless right now almost all this specific may need to get started once more. The growing season ended, transfer news flash a lot more nonetheless only a rumor. Fernando Balotelli in addition to Sarave impact is actually good, in the end, in the second item circumstance that Rossoneri right now, nonetheless in the champions, nonetheless will HVAC Milan from Luton Metropolis there will probably indication any striker, which might be Dzeko. Since original Dzeko private coach, Australia private coach Felix Magath within a good appointment discussed this specific, this individual explained: "if you might have ten delicate character players, then that crew will carry any Balotelli. Dzeko? This individual appeared to be publicly stated if you ask me his / her ten loyal HVAC supporters within Milan, then I believe he'll look at Madeira in the end. " The winter of this 12 months Galliani signed Balotelli, in addition to 2000 were being more than 5 a long time, HVAC within Milan metropolis which obtain together popularity in addition to success, this individual appeared to be also ardent explained: "the placing your signature to regarding Balotelli is important, when have zero your ex, are unable to wind up in that Champions League zoom HVAC Milan. " And now, Dzeko offers lost it has the place in the metropolis, once HVAC Milan own handed down in addition to his / her fascination, "the market" explained which if the placing your signature to regarding Dzeko, then it is possible to help make a top quality in addition to low-cost deal. [url=]cheap nfl jerseys wholesale[/url] Polly elements progress continues to be produced, complete landscapes regarding Madeira storage devices which Sampdoria midfielder will work with HVAC Milan, "the market" explained: "Polly is actually ready to resume Milan, but is not that global Milan, nonetheless HVAC Milan. " Reported by that Genoa local "nineteenth Century" communication, HVAC Milan nonetheless in addition to Polly's real estate agent Branchini tells you, expect to arrive an agreement. The current 2 year contract regarding 2014, Polly, "the market" so consider final price will only 4000000 euros. Once you vacation to The capital can be in the Alegre, experienced that storage devices sources, HVAC Milan to view that The capital midfielder P Janic. In the present circumstance, P Janic appeared to be nonetheless watching that The capital fresh months private coach, so "the market" which he or she is in the transfer market. At present, Luton Metropolis, Arsenal, spurs, Bayern in addition to Madeira clubs want within your ex, nonetheless HVAC Milan offers in addition to P Janic agents produced speak to, would like to obtain. Moreover, transfer expert Dimazi O chief Atmosphere Athletics explained, HVAC Milan offers bid Sampdoria own fresh forward Trevor Ariza, his / her this specific months within Serie B efficiency is quite good, he has twenty one yoa within 30 mmorpgs obtained eighteen targets.
28. 05. 2013 | 10:46

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2012-2013 serie a season provides arrived at a end, this type of season but even now preventing inside Apennine area veteran when participating in outside star has additionally surfaced a lot of very good youthful competitors, they have can be quite brilliant potential...... [url=]cheap soccer jerseys[/url] Palin: There's no skepticism, merely Palin associated with thirty years old this season, is definitely age the very best goalkeeper around Croatia regarded, in addition may be the overall principal push at all amounts associated with Croatia countrywide youth group, he could be furthermore considered the very best heir Buffon, although within the season to assist Pescara in order to Serie A, the following season would not save your demotion in order to Serie A final identification, women and men group furthermore developed a clumsy shut-out track record, but Palin isn't responsible for your team's weak, of course, your Pescara tier along with the team's overall flexibility insufficiency 's your group harmful track record, but these days Palin seem to be a lot of Western night clubs around Serie A titans, as well as a lot of pursuits, feel that a larger phase is likewise waiting for your dog. [url=]cheap soccer jerseys free shipping[/url] Juan: Actually, Brazil defense Juan inside cold months associated with 2012 possessed become a member inter Milan, but actually find his or her chances or perhaps after participating in to get Brazil inside Birmingham Olympic Video games the following season, Juan may be when using the Ranocchia as overall principal intercontinental Milan tier person, your dog having Ranocchia and Samuel returning some mixture furthermore played out a tremendous strength in the beginning associated with season. Literally powerful, confident is usually to the bonus associated with Juan, but your dog even offers that can be played your weakness associated with instability, but increasingly more have confidence in he could be participating in far better and far better, your dog has been furthermore an essential new member on the intercontinental Milan's potential ideas....... Inside twenty, Rome midfielder Foluolunqi by virtue on the season on the countrywide group, your dog and many some other Rome star sometimes appears as beyond Zeman's money. Besides Udine J's 1993, youthful many other Alan even offers the good participate in.
28. 05. 2013 | 10:47

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2012-2013 serie a season provides arrived at a end, this type of season but even now preventing inside Apennine area veteran when participating in outside star has additionally surfaced a lot of very good youthful competitors, they have can be quite brilliant potential...... [url=]cheap soccer jerseys sale[/url] Furthermore, BYD: On age 7, and BYD is now one of the overall principal push around Bologna, the newest season Yijia league event played out thirty video games, scoring six pursuits, and couple of allows, along with the Bologna and Juventus were a lot of the competitors have got played out for your Croatia countrywide group expertise, he could be furthermore a concentrate on on the Serie a pub, trust your youthful striker's potential is definitely brilliant. Malki Niosi: Simply just eliminated from the body her 19 bday Malki Niosi is definitely Rome via Brazil dug some treasure, after final summer season via Corinthians followed in order to Rome, [url=]cheap soccer jerseys sale[/url] your Brazil provides adaptable speedily on the Serie A, and populated the primary placement around Rome Zhongwei, the newest season to get Rome around Serie A, played out 29 video games, can be quite powerful, her existing status may be as substantial as 10000000 euros, and provides captivated curiosity via Barcelona....... Inside twenty, Rome midfielder Foluolunqi by virtue on the season on the countrywide group, your dog and many some other Rome star sometimes appears as beyond Zeman's money. Besides Udine J's 1993, youthful many other Alan even offers the good participate in.
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Jam belonging to the Week! | tUnE yArDs- &quot; Bizness&quot;
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Do you feel like you're stuck permanently in debt? Are you making only minimum payments on your credit cards and loans month after month after month? If you feel like your debt will never go away, you're pretty much right. Credit card companies design their minimum payments to barely cover any of the principle that you started out borrowing. The average minimum repayment schedule sets you up for a forty year payback timeframe. You're mostly paying interest and fees each month and keeping yourself on that merry-go-round of circulating revolving debt. I don't think that the shopping trips that you charged when you were twenty are worth paying on until you're sixty. A fifty dollar pair of jeans charged at fifteen percent interest with only minimum 2% payments made will take over four years to pay off. People that make continuous minimum payments on their credit cards usually simply don't understand how long they are drawing out their debt. They don't sit down and calculate how much they will actually end up paying. Worse yet, they may keep charging things that they feel they can't afford until payday, and then when payday comes, they don't pay it off. Behaviors like this can get you slowly and unintentionally trapped in debt. The first step is to resolve to never pay the minimum on your credit card. Set up a budget that allows for more money to be allotted for each credit card. Don't ever let yourself charge something that you can not afford. If you don't have the money or can't save for it, then you can't pay it off. Balance transfers can help you get a handle on your debt. Figure out how much compounded interest you will pay on a certain card within a year. Then compare that amount to the fee that it would cost to do a balance transfer. Try to get a card that has a zero percent APR for a full year. Make sure that it won't have a compounded balloon payment at the end of the year that will charge you all of the interest that you avoided at once. Now that you have a set balance that isn't fluctuating, figure out what it would cost each month to pay it off in a year. Shoot for eleven months so that you have one month to play with for emergency money shortages. If you can pay it off in eleven months, then you'll have saved yourself a ton of money. If you have a lot of debt then you may need to shoot for a two or three year plan to pay off your debt. Set an electronic reminder to transfer your credit balances again after eleven months to another zero percent APR card so that you don't forget and end up paying interest. If your credit isn't good enough to transfer, then you need to work on that. Don't charge anything else. Pay at least a little more than the minimum and be dedicated to having no late payments. It takes about six months of more than the minimum on time payments to bring up your credit score. If you find yourself in a temporary bind, taking out a payday loan or cash advance could help you over the hump. Pay it off on time or ahead of time and you can improve your credit without increasing your overall debt.

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ASUS N55S Review: Fantastic Multimedia Laptop With Some Problems
<p><b>Build and Design</b>ASUS got much more correct than incorrect with the N55S' style. The exterior is an aesthetically pleasing mix of black and silver. The lid is a shiny black which looks fantastic at initial look but rapidly becomes an eyesore many thanks to fingerprints. I like the silver trim piece heading around the lid and the brushed aluminum piece right beneath the screen - they give the notebook that extra high-end appear.</p>
<p>The N55S is constructed of plastic and reasonably powerful plastic at that the palm relaxation barely flexes [url=] Dell 50TKN Akku[/url] when pressed down upon. I am significantly appreciative that ASUS used anti-glare plastic instead of glossy plastic, which is all too typical on consumer notebooks. Chassis flex [url=] Dell PC765 Akku[/url] is average for a consumer notebook nothing alarming, nevertheless. Fit and end is great there are no uneven gaps between components or sharp edges.</p>
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<p><b>Ports and Features</b>The N55S has an average choice of ports for a multimedia notebook although it is good to see two USB 3. SuperSpeed ports. It lacks eSATA, an ExpressCard expansion slot, and DisplayPort. The absence of those ports may bother some shoppers.</p>

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Steve Work biopic Work finally to hit US cinemas in August - 4 months late - Pocket-lint

The Steve Work biopic starring Hollywood A-lister Ashton Kutcher will finally open up nationwide in the US [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts6-Cellules-Batterie-pour-HP-535808%2d001-HSTNN%2dOB89-HSTNN%2dXB89-ProBook-4510s--ProBook-4515s-ProBook-4710s.html]Batterie pour HP ProBook 4510s[url] on 16 August.
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Open Seet skipped its 19 April launch for Work, simply because&nbspit could not "produce enough 'buzz' around the film", The Verge&nbspnoted.&nbspHowever, Open up Road had a service deal with 5 Star Movies that permitted the film to premiere the closing evening of&nbspSundance Movie Festival final spring.
Study:&nbspSteve Jobs biopic Jobs to sike US cinemas in April
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There is no&nbspfurther&nbspinformation&nbspregarding disibution partners or a launch day for the United kingdom.&nbspSo, while Work is still waiting around international launch, verify out a clip from the movie beneath.&nbsp

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Amazon reportedly working on an Apple Television competitor for your residing space - Pocket-lint

Amazon is hoping to sike the big screen in your residing room. The on-line retail giant is developing a established-top box that will seam video clip more than the Internet, reviews Bloomberg, comparable to the Apple Television, Roku and Google Television.
Amazon already has a big array of tv and video clip content accessible on its online services and hopes to drive it to customers with the set-leading box components. The gadget will reportedly launch this autumn, though Amazon hasn't provided official word [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts8-Cellules-Batterie-pour-ACER-GRAPE34-TM00742-TM00772.html]Batterie pour ACER TM00742[url] on the matter.
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The Kindle Hearth runs a highly skinned version of Android, so perhaps the established-top box will have the exact same. Bloomberg supplied no word on integration of Amazon's Appstore into the established-leading box.
Amazon will utilise its&nbspLab126 division to develop the components. There is no word on&nbsppricing, but offered the Kindle Fire's&nbspcompetitive&nbspnature, we suspect the established-top box will have the same.
Past a established-top box, Amazon is said to be expanding [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts12-Cellules-Batterie-pour-ACER-AS07A31-AS07A42-AS07A51-AS07A72-AS07A73-AS07A74-AS07A75-AS09A61-AS09A71.html]Batterie pour ACER AS07A42[url] its hardware line with a smartphone in the near future. [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts9-Cellules-Batterie-pour-SONY-VGP%2dBPS8.html]Batterie pour SONY VGP-BPS8[url] No specifics have been supplied.&nbsp

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Google Chromebook Pixel unveiled as twelve.eight-inch touchscreen laptop - Information - usted Critiques

Google [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts12-Cellules-Batterie-pour-HP-Pavilion-dv2000-Presario-V6600-HSTNN%2dIB32.html]Batterie pour HP Pavilion dv2000[url] has sengthened its footing in the laptop market, with the Google Chromebook Pixel formally unveiled as the companys initial own-branded touchscreen laptop computer.A device mostly consucted by the search and Android giant, Google has revealed that the recently unveiled Google Chromebook Pixel will be a high-finish work tasked with reviving the companys flailing Chrome OS, with the touchscreen gadget taking part in host to a collection of specs to rival the likes of the Apple MacBook Air.This Chromebook has the highest pixel density of any laptop screen on the market these days, an official Google spokesperson informed the BBC. Packed with 4.3 million pixels, the display provides sharp textual content, vivid colors and additional-wide viewing angles.The business additional: With a screen this wealthy and participating, you want to reach out and touch it so we additional touch for a much more immersive encounter.Google Chromebook Pixel AtibutesLining up with a twelve.85-inch multitouch touchscreen display, the Google Chromebook Pixel performs host to a visually exaordinary 2560 x 1700p resolution with a 239 pixels-for each-inch image density, higher than that of Apples 13-inch Retina display [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproductsBatterie-pour-ASUS-A32%2dF2-A32%2dF3-A32%2dZ94.html]Batterie pour ASUS A32-F2[url] with a complete four.3 million pixel haul.A ue powerhouse of the laptop computer scene, the Google Chromebook Pixel is established to pair the companys Chrome operating method with 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 32GB really worth of solid condition storage and a zippy 1.8GHz twin-core Intel Core i5 processor. Additional bolstering the laptops storage capabilities, each Google Chrome Pixel [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts6-Cellules-Batterie-pour-Dell-Inspiron-1520-Inspiron-1720-Voso-1500.html]Batterie pour Dell Inspiron 1720[url] owner will advantage from an exa 1TB of complimentary cloud-primarily based Google Drive access.Further bolstering the currently specs impressive touchscreen show which gives the Google Chromebook Pixel its name, the 3:two ratio providing has been handed a Corning Gorilla Glass protecting coating and a 400-nits brightness score, a feature that sees the show line up 25 for each cent brighter than any rival model.With the Google Chromebook Pixel produced by Google, with no third-party manufacturing companion concerned, in conast to the companys self-branded smartphones and tablets, this kind of as the LG manufactured Google Nexus 4 or Asus produced Google Nexus 7, the company has exposed that the new touchscreen laptop has been crafted with components that are produced globally.Wrapping its higher-end innards inside a magnificent anodized aluminium [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts12-Cellules-Batterie-pour-ACER-AS07A31-AS07A42-AS07A51-AS07A72-AS07A73-AS07A74-AS07A75-AS09A61-AS09A71.html]Batterie pour ACER AS09A61 AS09A71[url] casing, the Google Chromebook Pixel features checklist is additional bolstered by an built-in 720p High definition webcam and a ip of microphones that allow for disruption totally free video contacting. With a pair of USB ports, the laptop computer also hosts an etched glass touchpad.Google Chromebook Pixel Release Date and PriceWith a Google Chromebook Pixel Uk launch date set for April 1st, the lookup flip production behemoth has exposed that the laptop computer will be on display at a choice of United kingdom merchants from tomorrow.Much from an affordable option that undercuts the competitors, the new Google Chromebook Pixel cost is to see wannabe proprietors pressured to part methods with a hefty 1,049 in purchase to snap up the new high-end laptop computer.What do you make of Googles new touchscreen laptop computer? Will you be snapping 1 up when the device launches in April? Allow us know via the ustedReviews Twitter and Fb feeds or through the remark boxes below.

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&lsquo;New York! New York!' If only Frank Sinatra could sing that [url=]karen millen uk[/url] to us everyday... In his bow tie&hellip; Drinking Bourbon... That would be so very nice&hellip; Either way, get out of the way now Frank, its only blooming New York Fashion Week! Oh yes NYFW is back with vengeance and we at COFD are dedicated to bringing you the best and the worst, the [url=]karen millen outlet[/url] ups and the downs, the highs and the lows, the runways and the street styles, yep bloggers and designers alike, and also, just, well, the really pretty people.The fun starts tomorrow but to kick us off here are a few of our hand picked top designers to watch, look out world New York is coming at you...Priory Of TenFirst up we have a chic mix of sport, mystery, allure and sex- Priory Of Ten. Created in 2012 Mei Liu's opening collection is set to wow the runway's of New York with it's athletic themes and stylish cuts. A sporting vibe (the Olympics will live on!) runs throughout the line with leather slits, silk and mesh upping the anti of more conventional sports based designers. Tailored sheer shirts, meshing and cutouts also add to the designs with carefully structured trousers and pleating. Don't get us wrong this is definitely not something you'd wear to the gym, it is however perfect for the new fresh season of styling.To be seen: 18th- 20th September 10am- 7pm HoughtonAfter the first Houghton collection went down a storm, get ready for the next! Following inspiration from the likes of Patti Smith and Bianca Jagger, this seasons designs embellish that of East London's very own Shoreditch (Love it!) Working to epitomise the style of British girls (Oh hello!), the chic, the old, the vintage and the contemporary, this collection, to be previewed this week, will be rolling heads as it goes- Expect printed silks and matching suits! Yay!To be seen: Friday, September [url=]karen millen outlet[/url] 7th, 4pm. Ann YeeIt all formed from inspiration and aspirations gathered in Hong Kong for Ann Yee. These trips to a completely different land and culture set in the desire to create unique and distinctive pieces- we know the feeling. The use of knits and drapings within the designs set Yee apart from the rest. This week we're hoping more so than the rest. Expect to see colourful prints, silks and style- downtown sophistication.To be seen: Monday, September 10th, 11am- 1pm DegenA hip, fresh designer 'bingeing' on knits, Degen, is only set [url=][/url] to please us. A tongue and cheek attitude with designs to match, back in 2011 Lindsay Degen's first collection focused on the small necessity's in life (knitted underwear obviously) and addressed more cultural awareness of the human figure in a quirky and pleasing way. Her other pieces (pleased to report she does make clothes as well as underwear) have hit rave reviews making us super excited to see what's in store this NYFW! Expect the same attitude with heaps of fun!To be seen: [url=]karen millen outlet[/url] Wednesday, September 5th, 12- 1pm.Image from Degen Autumn/Winter Erin BarrErin Barr a strong and sexy rising new designer set to raise the Barr (get it?!) this coming week. Her inspirations centre from Parisenne elegance but with the ease of American culture, making her line an excellent mix of classic sophistication that is also practical and indeed very wearable. Next week expect to witness a mixture of Marilyn Monroe meets sculptured print. We do love a good strong print.To be seen: Friday, September 7th, 5- 6pmImage Erin Barr RTW 2012
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Intel Reveals Hybrid Ulabook-Tablet Design - News - usted Reviews

Intel has unveiled a working prototype design for a hybrid Ulabook and tablet device. Called the Letexo, it was on show at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing. It features a full sized keyboard and a sliding screen that can be positioned to use as a normal notebook computer, or slid forward and used like a touchscreen all-in-1 Pc. The display can also be folded flat on leading of the keyboard into a tablet-fashion configuration.Its hinging system itself is said to bear a couple of similarities to the Asus Eee Pad Slider, as it uses a thinner design without needing a screen that rotates into sandwich-fashion pill [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts9-Cellules-Batterie-pour-Dell-Inspiron-1440--Inspiron-1750.html]Batterie pour Dell Inspiron 1750[url] shape. In this way it differs from the new Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13. Its also a possible alternative to the Asus ansformer series with its provided but detachable keyboard dock. img alt="Intel Letexo" src="http:static.ustedreviews.com94|000022f0e|45bc_intel-hybrid-ulabook-2.jpg" [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts-6-Cellules-Batterie-pour-HP-HSTNN%2dDB31-HSTNN%2dIB31-HSTNN%2dIB311-V6400-Presario-A900-C700.html]Batterie pour HP Presario C700[url] id="news-11546-92652"The specs of this prototype are not known, beyond the fact that its based on Intels new Ivy Bridge processor and can operate Home windows 8, which is no surprise offered its contact-pleasant Meo apps. People in attendance at the presentation noted that its connections consist of USB ports and an HDMI output. The prototype would require a producer to deliver it to market, if certainly it gets that far, by [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts6-Cellules-Batterie-pour-Toshiba-Satellite-P200-PA3536U%2d1BRS-PABAS101.html]Batterie pour Toshiba PABAS101[url] which time it may have absent via a [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts6-Cellules-Batterie-pour-A31%2dK52-A32%2dK42-A42%2dN82.html]Batterie pour A42-N82[url] number of modifications. Via VR-Zone

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Speaking [url=][b]ガガミラノ激安[/b][/url]
at the Brandenburg Press during a on to the German smashing, Berlin, [url=][b]グッチ 財布 メンズ布[/b][/url]
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reductions in the complete of adroit warheads in Europe.However [url=][b]時計 ガガミラノ[/b][/url]
Russia's Force Prime Minister resident Dmitry Rogozin said Moscow [url=][b]ガガ 時計[/b][/url]
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swoop agreement [url=][b]ガガミラノ[/b][/url]
in 2010 to mutually trimming their stockpiles of atomic weapons to a topmost of 1,550 warheads and no more than 700 deployed launchers.Mr Obama said the US was "on tail find" to wounding its warheads to pre-Cold Do battle levels, but "we pastor more occupation to do".
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Sloten [url=]karen millen online[/url] we eerder al de Nike Free Run series in onze blog harten &ndash; we zagen ze voorbij paraderen op de blogs Just Like sushi, Connected to Fashion en Mija - nu levert Nike wederom een knap staaltje werk af. We stellen hem graag aan je voor: de Nike LunarGlide+4. Hoewel de serie al sinds 2009 bestaat is de vierde (vandaar de +4) doorontwikkeling van deze hardloopschoen baanbrekend. Verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren is de tussenzool van de LunarGlide+ 4 voorzien van meer Lunar Foam dan voorheen (lees: liep je met LunarGlide 1, [url=]karen millen outlet online[/url] 2 en 3 al op wolkjes, dan loop je nu 'heaven'). Door deze nieuwe toepassing geeft de schoen lekker veel ondersteuning [url=]karen millen online[/url] op de goede plekken. Van origine is deze hardloopschoen [url=]karen millen[/url] dan ook bedoeld voor de midden afstandsloper. Ideaal dus voor dat bekende 5 tot 8 KM rondje om het park. Wil jij in no time bikini klaar zijn, of gewoon een hele coole en bovenal comfortabele sneaker hebben, dan is de LunarGlide+ 4 d&eacute; schoen voor jou. Wij hebben stiekem al een paar in [url=]karen millen outlet[/url] huis gehaald.Ook hebben? Je vindt ze hier.Advertorial
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3 great alternatives to Google Reader

Not once more, Google!

Initial you announced plans to shut down iGoogle, the popular but evidently not lucrative Internet portal, and now arrives phrase that Google Reader will be next to get the axe.

What's subsequent: Gmail?!

Yeah, I realize you are in the business to make money, and if Reader isn't including to the coffers, it is gotta go. But it is difficult on us clients when you give us such awesome stuff for free, then decide a couple of many years later to pull the plug.

I guess we will survive. And perhaps we'll discover an even better location to house and handle our RSS feeds, which Reader did nicely but not very prettily.

For instance, there is Netvibes, which was actually on my original checklist of alternatives to iGoogle. Although it is more of a [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts6-Cellules-Batterie-pour-ASUS-A32%2dF3-A33%2dF3-M51-X70E-Z53.html]Batterie pour ASUS A32-F3[url] Web portal than a devoted RSS reader, it is simple to stock with RSS feedsgreat if you are looking to kill two birds with one stone.

If you have currently invested a great deal of time in Google Reader, check out Feedly(shown up leading), which not only presents your feeds in a beautiful, weblog-style layout, but also imports from Reader. That means with just a couple of clicks, you can resurrect your current feed libraryand give it a sweet makeover in the process.

Feedly is accessible for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and even has cellular applications for Android and iOS.

If these options appear overly exavagant andor cluttered for your tastes, check out Skimr, a bare-bones, mobile-friendly feed reader that's currently stocked with popular tech sites (All Things Digital, the Verge, and so on.but no Computer Globe?! Ahem!). Signal up for a totally free account and you can include sites of your own.

By the [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproductsBatterie-pour-ASUS-A32%2dF2-A32%2dF3-A32%2dZ94.html]Batterie pour ASUS A32-F2[url] way, if you are indeed [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts12-Cellules-Batterie-pour-HP-HSTNN%2dCB72-485041%2d001-G50-G71-Pavilion-dv4-dv5-dv6.html]Batterie pour HP HSTNN-CB72[url] migrating from Google Reader, Lifehacker explains how you can use Google Takeout export your Reader feeds, which can then be imported into Skimr.

So those are my picks. Now let's listen to yours. If you've discovered an RSS reader that beats the pants off Google Reader, inform [url=http:www.batteriesportable.frproducts6-Cellules-Batterie-pour-Dell-Inspiron-1440--Inspiron-1750.html]Batterie pour Dell Inspiron 1440[url] me about it in the comments!

Conibuting EditorRick Broidawrites about company and customer technologies. Inquire for help with your Computer hassles, or y the easure ove of helpful folks in thePCWorld Forums.Signal up to have theHassle-Free Computer newslettere-mailed to you every 7 days.

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Visit the giveaways page to enter the draw.
To accompany your Summer swimwear choices and warm-weather activities, we have five Seafolly bag towel packs to give away.
Ive never bought a Seafolly bikini that hasnt been completely flattering. Their pieces usually sit in the very Australian [url=][/url] space between ultra-simple and ultra-glamorous; being not too much of either, theyre [url=]coach outlet online[/url] understated yet ultimately chic. And its not all swimsuits; Seafolly also turn out beachwear and accessories that are similarly flattering be they for the beach, pool, [url=]coach outlet store[/url] or for pretty much any other Summer activity that requires you to look effortlessly desirable.
Visit to see the latest collections (modelled, of course, by the enviably beautiful Jessica Hart) [url=]coach outlet[/url] and for details of stockists.
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In this feat of surrealistic surgery Kaylas lips are both the adventurer across these strange scenes, and a part of the landscape itself. Merging with cartoon candy-canes and a Dali-esque melting clock, oozing with candied goo or tasting the impossible flavour [url=]karen millen dresses[/url] mix of grotesqueness and cuteness that manifests in slimy snails with heart-shaped shells, Kaylas lips adventure sure is a colourful one.
Lace up your shoes and prepare yourself for a long fall down the rabbit hole: Stanley Patzolds latest shoot takes you into a surrealist world where art and beauty collide.
In Kaylas Lips Adventure Patzolds photos melt so seamlessly into surreal artworks by Mona Broschar that its hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Thats all part of the magic: here the traditional concept [url=]karen millen dresses[/url] of a beauty shoot, with a common element of perfect white teeth and glossily painted lips, is transformed into something else entirely. [url=]karen millen outlet [url=]karen millen outlet online[/url] online[/url] We can only be left marvelling, as spectators [url=]karen millen uk[/url] of this strange Wonderland, that weve seen a face without a smile before but never a smile without a face.
Take the trip through Stanley Patzolds ( shoot at the gallery above.
Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
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The Phase [url=][b]オークリー サングラス 激安[/b][/url]
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sass bide co-founder Sarah-Jane Clarke commented on the relationship;
The heading north [url=]coach outlet store[/url] shopper and on your marks clutch are now available for purchase from sass bide boutiques.
You can learn more about the Ethical Fashion Initiative here.
It is inspiring to be working directly [url=]coach outlet website[/url] with the East African Artisans, to be influenced by their traditions, culture daily lives. By partnering with these talented craftswomen, it allows them to suppoer their immediate families and greater communities. It is rewarding to see that their wages are used to educate their children.
Australian label sass [url=]coach outlet store online[/url] bide will be joining three other superstar labels including Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood Ilaria Venturini Fendi in a bid to help fight poverty and promote ethical fashions as part [url=]coachoutlet[/url] of the ITCs Ethical Fashion Initiative. The duo has collaborated with women living in East Africa to create two limited edition pieces which will uphold the ITC projects ideals of export impact for good and not charity, just work.
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Click the thumbnails for full pictures: [url=]coach factory online[/url]
When it comes to terrible weather, The UK has seen it all. However, this year topped it: record heat in April followed by constant flooding in numerous part of the country in May, and to top it all off, an autumn-like summer. Probably inspired by these now dreaded (to say the least) conditions, Ted Baker has decided to name its new Collection Survival of the fittest.
Mixing inspiration from Britains great outdoors and the fashion needs of the Urban man, Ted Bakers team mixed fabrics to create exquisite details (no surprise there), creating highly functional pieces in a wide range of earthy autumnal tone which create a heart-warming palette that embraces rustic beauty and rural charm.
Autumn truly is Teds favourite season, as the 27 attires proposed in the look-book are more inspired and more original than what we were presented with this summer.
Finally, Ted Bakers specialty: phormal. Combining traditional fabrics such as wool and silk with satin and velvet,鑱絫weed and wool jackets celebrate Britain閳ユ獨 heritage with steam train and pheasant inspired prints and pheasant lapel pins.
Slim and classic fit coloured chinos remain important alongside newer, slim fit cords in rich rustic tones of burnt orange, mustard and nettle green. However, we also witness鑱絫he resurgence of denim, which has been missed greatly.
May the best dressed man win.
We are also offered a new sub-collection named tight lines, which will feature a new unique lining, sharper cuts and up-to-minute styling, whilst remaining traditional in the fabrics areas.
One piece stands out: Teds velvet leopard skin Global jacket, which provides the final wild statement.
Fair Isle and Navajo printed knits appear on everything from crew necks and cardigans to bags and gloves. Accessories also include鑱絧atterned woolen scarves鑱絩ucksacks, satchels and holdalls mixing leather, canvas and tweed fabrics.
Outerwear comprises a range of hunting jackets and nylon鑱絞ilets which feature tweed shoulder patches. As were promised a cold winter, Ted advises us to Layer up with [url=]cheap coach outlet[/url] puffa jackets [url=]wholesale coach handbags[/url] [url=][/url] and fur trim parkas teamed with chunky stripe knits or shirts and knitted ties.
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Threres good reason the Triumph brand has been going strong for 127 years. At the brands headquarters yesterday morning, wiggling in and out of their famed shapewear, I could bear testament to the fact first hand: defying the laws of spacial displacement, their Shape Sensations pull in places seemingly without bulging out in others. But as well as providing the smooth foundation for an outfit (one collection even takes the name Body Make Up for that very reason) they also glow with a vintage-meets-modern aesthetic. Years have passed, [url=]coach outlet[/url] lingerie has progressed, but theres a 127-year-old charm tying it all together.
The thing that strikes you between the hundred-year-old pieces and the zeitgiest-capturing modern ones is that while much has changed in the [url=][/url] world of lingerie much of the best remains. Thats particularly true of a brand [url=]coach outlet store[/url] like Triumph that embraces its history and its archive and manages to instill the essence of vintage glamour into pieces that find practicality in the modern womens wardrobe. A brand that moves with the times without losing its essence is a brand that survives the test of time and the Maison Triumph space shows Triumph is one of them.
Click the thumbnails for full pictures: [url=]coach outlet blog[/url]
And thats whats being celebrated at the brands freshly popped-up space in Covent Garden. Open to the public during London fashion week (Friday 15th Monday 18th February) the space called Maison Triumph houses a retrospective of the brand through the ages (read: some adorable vintage pieces that will make you say aww) along with a showcase of specially designed pieces by some of the UKs top designers. The latter arent just impressive, by the way, theyre impressive: from Matthew Williamsons intricately showgirl-esque beaded, sequinned, feathered set to Sian Whitefoots divinely bridal white lace.
Theres a whole host of events focussed happening at Maison Triumph, including a special talk with Helena Christensen today. For full details of whats on their program head to
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